Smart Snacking

Well-chosen snacks or ‘Smart Snacks’ can help you manage your weight, health, hunger, and energy. Eating several small healthy snacks between meals helps with weight loss by reducing cravings and preventing excessive hunger that may lead to overeating. Energy dense snacks can help you eat more in a day for weight gain. The crucial part is to identify your diet needs and accordingly choose the right snack.

What is smart snacking?

While following their diet regime, people often skip snacking between meals in order to avoid weight gain. This is where smart snacking comes in.

The average 2000*-calorie diet is mostly made up of breakfast, lunch and dinner, which contribute a total of 1500 calories. One usually ends up eating unhealthy snacks or consuming more calories than needed to make up for the remaining 500 calories. Sounds worrying, right?

Well, don’t let these worries eat up a lot of your time. Eat ACT II Diet Pop – the ultimate smart snack – instead! Its calorie details, mentioned on each pack, allow you to smartly manage your diet and address your hunger effectively and tastefully.

So, what’s holding you back? Go ahead and indulge in our smart snack!

*Reference: ICMR RDA 2010, For Male/Female Adult (Sedentary work) Male: 2320 K Cal, Female: 1900 KCal

When is the right time to snack?

This question must have undoubtedly popped up in your mind several times, but rest assured there’s no ‘right’ time to snack. However, make sure you keep these two important points in mind:

Identify the source of your cravings

Skip the urge to nibble in response to non-hunger impulses such as boredom, frustration, or stress. Address stress or boredom with a walk instead of a bowl of junk food.

Snack consciously

Avoid mixing snacking with other activities such as watching TV, reading, surfing the internet, etc. Snacking absentmindedly while indulging in activities leads you to lose track of your consumption, which in turn leads to overeating.