Why Diet Pop?

With consumers, especially millennials, becoming more and more health conscious, a new range of popcorn - already known as a healthier snacking option - called Diet Pop was created to cater to this segment. ACT II Diet Pop's low-salt and low-fat variants are perfect for dieters on the lookout for a healthier snacking option that help them stick to their diet regime without compromising on taste. So, no need to worry about what to consume between meals anymore because ACT II Diet Pop is here to establish popcorn as a true diet snack rather than just a movie time favourite.

What is the product offering?

We strongly believe in the saying ‘health is wealth’, which is why we’ve introduced a wealth of Diet Popcorn offerings keeping your diet as well as your cravings in mind. These dedicated ‘smart snacks’ are high on taste and low on calories, allowing you to address your cravings without breaking away from your diet. So now you can shed your calories!

Why Diet Pop is different from other products?

ACT II DIET Pop range is different from other Diet snacks in the market because it has a UNIQUE PROPOSITION FOR EVERY HEALTH-CONSCIOUS CONSUMER. Following are the benefits offered across the range:

  • i. LOW FAT: There are a variety of snacks available in the market ranging from Namkeens to chips, whose FAT percentage ranges from 22%-30% (as most of them are FRIED). ACT II DIET POP Low Fat variants are different as their FAT content doesn’t exceed 10%. Available across Microwave popcorn and Ready to Eat formats.
  • ii. GOOD FAT: Beneficial fats come in 2 categories: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Olive oil has higher Monounsaturated Fats and lower Saturated Fats (Bad Fat that increases cholesterol). This variant is available in Instant Popcorn
  • iii. LOW SALT:Diets low in salt help manage High Blood Pressure, and are recommended by doctors. Thus, there is an increase in consumers looking for low salt snacks. ACT II’s DIET POP range contains lower salt compared to other variants and is currently available in Instant Pressure Cooker Popcorn, Microwave Popcorn & Ready to Eat variants.